Our Management Reporting Service

Want more money or work less hours?

Regularly reporting and monitoring your results leads to better decision making. The more you understand your business, the easier it is to make more money or reduce your hours. This is why you should get in touch for more info about our Management Reporting service!

'What gets measured gets managed.'' - Peter Drucker

If you're not measuring your financial results and the key drivers of your business, how can you manage them or implement meaningful improvement strategies. 

Our Management Reporting Service helps you stay on track to achieve your goals, with monthly Management Reports providing a snapshot of your results. It ensures you take time out from working in your business to get a perspective on your financial position and determine the best actions for improvement. 

Do you want to improve your business? then this service is essential for you. You need to be regularly monitoring the key indicators in your business and your financial figures to ensure you're on track to achieve your goals, 

The Process

There will be an initial meeting, lasting no longer than two hours, where together we'll:

  • Determine the five most important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for you to measure

  • Create your custom monthly Management Report

  • Ensure you understand how to interpret your management report each month

  • Identify the best way to collect key data for your report 

Each month we'll send your Management Report then follow up with a 15 minute momentum phone call to discuss your results and help identify areas for improvement.

The outcome

By undertaking Management Reporting, you’ll: 

  • Establish Key Performance Indicators for your business and set achievement targets

  • Receive a customised monthly Management Report to regularly measure your performance

  • Improve your financial awareness so you know what you should measure and how to measure it

  • Understand the factors that impact your results so you can develop strategies to maximise your results

The benefits

By having better information to manage your business you can make informed decisions and take actions to grow your business to deliver on your personal goals which will be a combination of financial, time and mind freedom.


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