tax planning


Do more with your money

Tax planning is a strategic approach to managing your business’ financial affairs, with the aim of legally minimising your tax liability. In other words, you plan ahead to make sure you pay the taxes you should be paying, but not a penny more. Working with your tax ad...
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Changing Car Think Tax

August 14, 2023

Know the tax impact of using a company car

Having the use of a company car is a great perk. But are you aware of the tax impact of a company car and how having this vehicle may affect your company benefits? Two of the key tax considerations related to company cars are the benefits in kind (BIK) tax charges incur...
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Proposed change of tax basis period for unincorporated businesses: are you ready?

Are you self-employed? Or are you a partner in a trading partnership? If you are, you should be aware of the proposed changes to the tax basis period for unincorporated businesses. HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is proposing to change the way that unincorporated businesses are ...
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