Too Busy?

Have you heard about the two lumberjacks? One was continuously swinging his axe chopping wood, the other took frequent breaks throughout the day. At the end of their session the one who took time out had a larger pile of chopped wood. This continued day in day out, week in w...
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Small Changes can have Big Impacts

There are just seven ways to grow your business. The first five grow your sales and the last two reduce your costs. The seven ways are: 1. Increase customer retention.Stop your customers defecting to the competition by keeping them happy. It's easier to retain existing clien...
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Accountability and consequence

Most business owners understand that the only way to ensure something gets done is to document what is expected, assign it to the right person, and set a due date. But what do you do if the task isn’t done? What are the consequences of this inaction? Think back to your sch...
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Is one of the team below par?

When one member of your team begins to perform below par, this can have a knock-on effect across the whole business. So, dealing effectively with performance issues is a must.Your team is the beating heart of your company. Everyone in your core departments must be able to wo...
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Would you drive a car without monitoring the dashboard? Don’t wait till year end to review your financial results! Respond faster with regular reporting and keep driving your business forward!...
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